Go to Valotalive Admin panel and choose DISPLAYS 

Open the display by clicking the row of the display.


Choose PREVIEW & LAYOUT from display's left side panel

Show stats visualises the online status of the display to the screen.  
See example #1

Show display owner lets people know who manages the display.
See example #1

Show title brings name of the currently running app to the screen putting content in context. Name your content apps descriptively. See example #2.

Show next app title (requires title) brings predictability to the content flow. When upcoming content is visualised on the display your audience might just stay by the display for that extra 15 seconds just to be able to read the next important message. See example #2.

View distance lets you manage how big or small the text appears on the screen. See example #3a and #3b.

All these functionalities are managed one by one on each display separately.

Example #1  Show stats  and  Show display owner

Green line shows that display is online. Name between square bracket is the owner of the display. 

Information is shown on the bottom bar of the display. 

Example #2 Show title  and   Show next app title (requires title) 

On the left Title shows that news by AFP is showing. 

On the right: Up next tells what is coming up next to the screens. 

Title and Up next -names follows the titles given to the Apps in Valotalive Admin panel.

Example #3a View distance: Setting view distance in Far enlarges the font size:

Example #3b View distance: Setting view distance in Near reduces size of the typography:

Valotalive best practice is to set View distance around the midsection of the Near - Far scale or to the left from the midsection.