If connection to wireless network (WiFi*) fails please follow instructions below.

  1. Attach a mouse and a keyboard to media players USB ports. 

  2. Turn off the media player from power button.

    Wait for 15 seconds.
    Turn the media player back on.

  3. While media player is starting press CTRL + ALT + S

  4. Management window appears on the display.

    Choose the WiFi icon on the lower right corner of the display.

    Choose the preferred network and Log in

  5. Choose Valotalive app from lower left corner of the window.  

    Do not log in to the Chrome device.

    Your content Flow will begin to play**

  6. Move mouse cursor out of the sight.

    Remove mouse and keyboard from
    the media player.

* WI-FI, wireless network, requires pre-configured settings

** Content Flow, to play automatically, requires pre-configured settings 

For support email: support@valotalive.com