See this short video or follow the step-by-step guide below the video to install Valotalive Chrome Extension in just a few minutes:

How to install Valotalive Chrome Extension 

  1.  Login to Valotalive, if you have not done that already

  2.  Navigate to Displays page

  3.  On the left hand side you can see the "Chrome Extension" link, click that.

    You'll be taken to the tab where you can install the extension, as shown below.

  4. Clicking the Install the Chrome Extension will open a new tab.
    You'll be taken to the Chrome Web Store.
    Click the blue Add to Chrome button on the top right hand corner. This will install the extension.

  5. A small pop up will appear and Chrome will double check if you want to install the extension.
    Continue clicking Add extension.

  6. You will be given a confirmation that the installation was done successfully.

  7. Return to Valotalive and click Refresh the page after the extension is installed button

  8. Click the Select a flow link.
    This will open a drop down menu. Choose the Flow you would like to use. Click Link The Extension after you have selected the Flow and wait for a few seconds.

  9. Congratulations, you are done. Once you can see this view (below), you are ready with your installation and settings.

  10. To Use Valotalive Chrome Extension. 

    Clicking the small round Valotalive icon on the top right corner of your browser will give a white pop up bar to confirm that you would like to activate the Extension. Click that. 

    The extension will activate your personal info screen in full screen mode. You can stop using this the extension anytime by pressing Esc to exit.

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