Displays can be grouped together in different groups based on location and target audience(s). This way you can automate publishing process based on your audiences needs. 

Display grouping is done using TAGS and also for assigning Flows to the pre-set display groups.

Here's instructions how to create DISPLAY GROUPS according to company specific needs.

To get the ideal result create your company specific Display groups based on the answer to the following questions:

1) Who are your Target Audiences?
2) What are your company's Main Use Cases?

Login to Valotalive and go to DISPLAYS

  1.   Open a display by clicking it with mouse 
  2.   ADD A TAG     

  3.   Choose correct Tag from the drop-down

    For example Country 

  Select existing value from drop-down

  Or enter a new value by typing in your Value

If you can't see drop-down Tags have not been created yet.

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