Go to the Valotalive Admin panel and choose tab APPS

Find the My Content app you wish to give rights to or Create a new My Content app.

If you can't see the App you are looking for check that on the upper left corner of the page you have value SHOW ALL CUSTOM APPS YOU CAN EDIT  


  1.   Open the app from EDIT 

  2.   Add new row for the new content managers email from the green PLUS icon

  3.   Add the new user and repeat as many times as needed

    New users will automatically receive his/hers personal My Content publication link after email has been added to the My Content app.
  4.   SAVE


My Content publication links

My Content is used with a personal web link for publication. 


Valotalive admins can use My Content through Valotalive Admin tool: 
 Their personal publication links can be found  below each content app in the Valotalive APPS under the USE button


Content managers / editors who's role is only to publish content to the screens will receive their personal publication links automatically after their email has been added to those My Content apps they use for publishing.

These people don't need rights to manage screen fleets.

If a Content manager / editor has lost his/hers personal publication link Valotalive Admin can resend it. Read here how to send the publication links manually to people with no administration rights to the Valotalive.


  1.   Open the app from EDIT

  2.   Remove the user and repeat as many times as needed from the red minus ICON

  3.   Repeat as many times as needed

  4.   SAVE


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