NOTE! Do not log in to the Chromebox before enroll. 


  1.  Connect the Chromebox to the display.
     Connect (your own) keyboard and mouse to the Chromebox

  2.  Plug the Chromebox into LAN

  3.  Turn the unit on from the power switch

    • Choose Get started and Continue

    • Accept Google Chrome OS Terms [Accept and continue]

Wait until Chrome updates itself and restarts.

Do not log in!

Perform Enterprise Enroll

  1.  Before signing in to the Chrome device, press Ctrl + Alt + E to go to the enrolment screen

  2.  Login to Enterprise Enrolment login window and insert credentials given to you (linked to preferred domain)

    • Once you log in the Chrome device automatically fetches all necessary settings and valotalive app from Chrome web store

  3.  Give the PIN after the Valotalive app has been launched for the first time

  4.  Enroll Done

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