The display will show an orange bubble in different situations.


There are several possible reasons why this is happening:

  1.  No contents (single apps or flows) have been assigned to the screen

    Please check from the DISPLAY tab opening the displays settings. 

    In the dipslays settings on the contents tab should have a one colored or colourful Valotalive doughnut (see image below). Each color represents single content app that has been assigned to that display.

    Read more about content apps or content flows.

  2.  Display is offline 

    Display might have problems connecting to the internet and to the Valotalive Cloud.
    Please check from the Displays tab is the symbol next to the displays name green or red

    Screens that are online will have green symbol beside the screen name, as in the example Kitchen [CXI2)].
    And offline screens will have red symbol, as in Support [ACII].

    If the screen is offline please reboot the Chromebox media player

For further help and instructions please contact