If you have read about Valotalive doughnut you might be asking how do I know how much screen time my post gets?

In the doughnut each content has a percentage that presents the amount of screen time the content gets. 

In the picture below you'll see that the My Content for DEMO's app has a total of 12,5 % of all screen time. 

This 12,5% is divided between all posts that have been made with the same My Content.  

You can check how many other posts are sharing the same screen time from the GALLERY view in the personal My Content publishing tool (see below). Make sure that you are looking from the correct My Content channel i.e. name in the drop-down matches your channel.

In the example above there are 2 posts sharing the 12,5% share of the total screen time. 

Each of these posts will appear for 8 seconds per show cycle, as this is the default setting for the My Content for DEMO's.