DISPLAYS tab shows all the company displays you "own" i.e. manage as the primary responsible person.

To see all displays you can manage choose SHOW ALL DISPLAYS YOU CAN EDIT

Green and red symbols before a Display shows is the display Online or Offline

CONTENTS shows Valotalive Dougnut ie. big picture of what apps have been assigned to the display. Learn more about Valotalive doughnut.

CONTENT LIST shows listing of Apps and Flows in more detailed form. You can access individual apps and flows from this tab. Learn more from Info screen contents.

PREVIEW & LAYOUT is for tuning display layout.

TAGS is for display grouping. By assing tags for individual displays a larger group of displays is created for easier content management and assignement. 

REMOTE CONTROL is a tool for fault management. 

LOCATION is a way to map individual display and see the online/offline status in a map view.

ACTIONS is a tab where a display can be renamed, turned off or it's memory can be cleared remotely (REBUILD DISPLAY CACHE). Displays turned off are Grey in the listing

INFORMATION is the place where displays individual id's and other data Valotalive developers need for fault management.

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