In case you are about to use Valotalive on a windows player this guide is for you.

Valotalive on Chrome Extension 

To run valotalive on your Windows player, you need to install Valotalive Chrome Extension on your players’ Chrome Browser.

Valotalive Chrome Extension turns your computer with a modern Chrome browser into a live Digital Signage player.

Further information: What is Valotalive Chrome Extension?

Installing the Chrome Extension on your player

Follow these steps and repeat the process to install Valotalive on your Windows players:

  1. Log into your player

  2. Open the Chrome Browser

  3. Log into your Valotalive account (

  4. Open the Chrome Extension tab

  5. Install Chrome Extension to that particular player (further information here)

  6. Check your displays page

    1. After you have successfully installed and linked the extension with your account a new display will appear on your displays page:

Remember that you can also install Chrome Extension for your laptop as a personal display. 

Operating system recommendation

  • Win 10 recommended

Hardware recommendations

  • You can check our recommended players here 

  • We recommend having a player with similar computing power

  • Your player does not need to be Chrome OS, you can use Windows 

Browser requirement

  • You need to have Chrome browser with the latest update version on it

  • Make sure you have an active Valotalive account.