Valotalive requires normal internet access between Valotalive cloud and customer's end-points (Chrome boxes or other devices with Valotalive). 

Valotalive requirements for customer network are:

Source IP

IPs of the players (based on Client’s media player network setup)

Source port

any port from dynamic TCP range

Destination IP for Valotalive

Destination port for Valotalive

tcp/443 (https)

Hostnames,, * (multiple IPs)

Service or application



Allow outbound


Network configurations for the end-points

With Valotalive one can choose to use either wired (LAN) or wireless network with Valotalive end-points.

When using wireless network following information is needed to preconfigure devices plug-n-play ready:

  • WiFi SSID
  • Is the SSID visible or hidden
  • Security Type: None, WEP, WPA/WPA2
  • If secured, the password for the network