A Valotalive Overlay app activates your own snowfall inside your displays accompanied by an occasional snowplow driven by Santa Claus. 


  1.  Navigate to APPS > NEW OVERLAY APPS (left side panel)

  2. Choose your App


    1.   Name the app in a descriptive manner.

    2.  Choose your theme 

        Use the default Theme or change it according to your preferences.
        Theme defines colors and fonts the App is using.

    3.   Adjust other settings such as the number of posts displayed.

  4.  Give access to your content editors

    It is possible to post messages to your Overlay app. Here you can give access rights to your content managers.
    1. Content managers

      Enter the email addresses for content managers (editors) uploading material by pressing and repeating as many times as needed. 
    2. Name of the content publishing app
      This name is used in the app when publishing to your audiences as a name on My Content's drop-down list.
      Use a descriptive name as it will help you to publish to right audiences.

  5. Remember to   SAVE  

  6.  Add your Overlay app to selected display(s)

    Navigate to Displays  > Overlay Apps

    Click either 
    1.  an individual display to choose a specific display 

    2.  a tag (ie. country, city) to choose multiple displays. 

      The selected displays will have orange borders as shown in the image below.

  7.   Activate your Overlay app

    Once you have selected your displays, choose your Overlay app from the drop-down menu. 

    Click SET OVERLAY APP TO SELECTED _ _ DISPLAYS to activate your Overlay app.

    Once the Overlay app is activated your selected display "boxes" will be fully orange in the  in the admin settings. And the snowfall will begin on your displays in two minutes.

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