Increase collaboration and the reach of your messages. Automatically push your posts from My Content to a Slack channel combining your Digital Signage Displays with the information you share on Slack. Keep your teams up-to-date with the latest information.

Activating My Content with Slack

See this short video how to activate My Content - Slack  integration.

Activating My Content with Slack

  1. Go to APPS and locate the My Content app you wish to connect with Slack

    Click the My Content app to open settings
  2. Locate FORK on the left side panel

    • Choose Create a new fork app

    • Name accordingly; e.g. use the name of the existing app (channel) 

  3. Authorize

  4. Open Slack in another tab
    • Add Valotalive Fork into the Slack channel
    • Add an App  

    • Type Valotalive to locate Valotalive Fork app

    • Choose Valotafork

  5. Return to Valotalive and locate the app you previously edited
    • Choose the channel and hit OK

    • Save

  6. Choose USE to send your first post to both medias
    • Write your post and upload your media file.

    • SEND the normal way

  7. See your post in Slack as well as in your digital displays