My Content is the publishing tool for content managers that enables a content manager (editor) to publish messages on the go using mobile or laptop. Contents including text and images, videos or documents (PDF) can be published to a single screen or to multiple screens using My Content app. My Content app includes advanced features for content managers such as scheduling, adjustable display time etc.


Go to APPS > NEW DIGITAL SIGNAGE APPS (left side panel).

Locate the My Content app


To narrow down the list of options you can choose 
Categories (top of the page)

Choose this app


  1. Name the app in a descriptive manner.

    - If your Display is showing Title name the app with reference to  context.
    - If your Displays is in the Full screen mode the App's name will not be seen on the screen so you'll have more freedom in naming the app

  2. Theme

    Use the default Theme or change it according to your preferences.
    Theme defines colors and fonts the App is using.

  3.  Logo for upload page 

    Upload your company's logo to the My Content publication tool.

  4.  Content managers

    Enter the email addresses for content managers (editors) uploading material by pressing and repeating as many times as needed. 
    Personal publication link will be sent automatically to each content maneger after email is entered.
    Publication links are sent from

  5.  Name of the content publishing app
    This name is used in the app when publishing to your audiences as a name on My Content's drop-down list.
    Use a descriptive name as it will help you to publish to right audiences.

    --> turns to this

  6.   Company logo for posts

    Add a logo for the app main page and posts showing up on screens.

  7.   Edit SHOW ADVANCED values according to your preferences using pen
    • Default display time
      Default display time of the post in seconds. min. 3 max. 30s

      Best practise:
      Enter a value between 7-15 seconds.
      A post showing up on screen for too long may make your screens feel slow and lacking energy.

    • Language
      Choose between English and Finnish. 
      Ask for more languages from 

    • Posted by
      Show content manager's name on display (On/Off)

    • Animated text on screens (On/Off)
      Running typewriter text in posts made solely with My Content.
      Note! This function do not apply on PDF posts

    • Number of posts displayed
      The number of most recent posts that should be displayed by the app. Min. 1, max. 40

    • Page transition animation
      Choose what kind of default animation you want for page transition

    • Seconds per article
      How many seconds each page should be visible. If there are other timing values available they supersede this option.

    • Posts in one show cycle
      Choose how many posts will show up on the screen before something else, e.g. Youtube video, has it's turn. Min. 1, max. 12

    • Show Valotalive logo (Yes/No)

    • Mute videos (Yes/No)
      Applies on videos uploaded to Valotalive cloud.
      Note! This function does not apply on videos posted to other channels used as a content in Valotalive screens. E.g. to Facebook, Instagram and/or YouTube.

    • Show page numbers of posts with multiple pages (Yes/No)
      Page numbers will be shown on lower left corner of the screens if a post has multiple pages, e.g. PDF document.



 Read more about INFORMATION



            Read more about USAGE

        Read more about ACTIONS

Complete the work by adding the app to a flow or directly to a display.

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